Credit Union Accounts

If you’re between the ages of 12 and 17, our Teen Accounts are designed for you. They can help you save and build credit for whatever you want… whether it’s college, a car or something fun. And… start getting experience with a checking account and debit card through our Mobile Banking app.

It’s financial freedom in the palm of your hand!


Our Teen Checking and Debit Card give you freedom, allowing you to pay for… stuff!


Whether you earn money or receive it as a gift, putting some away can help build good saving habits now… and in the future.


Credit can seem scary, but we’ve got you. Our Credit Builder Loan is one of the best ways to establish your credit… and save.


Your very own credit card FTW… and a special rate just for you!


You have places to go… and we can help get you there.


Need advice, money tips? Let’s talk about it… one-on-one.



We understand you’ve got a lot going on – movies, food, clothes… you know – stuff! That’s why we designed our Teen Checking account specifically for you.

With our Mobile Banking app and Debit Card, your money’s always at your fingertips. You can transfer money, deposit checks, pull cash out of the ATM… and pay with your phone using Apple, Google or Samsung Pay wherever you go. Who needs old-school checks, right? Well, probably your mom. Because she still uses Facebook and asks what channel Netflix is on. Just kidding, we love moms.

So go ahead, do your stuff, knowing your money’s always nearby.

  Teen Checking
Opening deposit and minimum balance1 $0
Monthly service fee $0
Free Remote Deposit
Debit Card with free access to 30,000 ATMs
Free Online and Mobile Banking
Free Mobile Payments and Card Controls
Free Overdraft Protection2



You’ve probably heard it a thousand times from mom and dad: “You should save your money!” If your parents aren’t clear on why saving is so important, here are a few thoughts:

  • Saving lets you eventually buy things you might not have enough money for right now
  • Saving can keep you out of financial trouble in emergencies
  • Saving means self-reliance and greater financial freedom for the future
  Savings Super Saver
Opening deposit and minimum balance $53 $53
Monthly service fee $0 $04
Earns dividends5
Free Online and Mobile Banking
Set up automatic deposits

Credit Builder


When you’re young, establishing credit can seem overwhelming. You probably understand having good credit is a necessity, but you’re not sure where to start.

We’re here to help get you on the road to financial success. Our credit building loan is one of the best ways to build credit… and save.

This is an easy way to build your credit and also save.

Platinum Visa Credit Card


Are you crazy? You want to give me a credit card? And it’s Platinum?! Do my parents know?

No. Yes. Yes. They will when you tell them.

Let us… and your parents… help you build credit early – the right way! We’ll teach you smart money habits before you make costly mistakes that could last you well into your adulthood.

And… check out that rate! Not only will you get a low intro rate, the rate after that is the lowest we offer.

Line of credit$500
Introductory rate2.90% APR7
Fixed rate12.50% APR7
Parent required on credit card8
No annual fee
Card Controls with real-time alerts
Digital Wallet
Identity theft protection

Car Loan


You just got your driver’s license… but you’re still asking mom or your friends to take you places.

Now may be the time for your own car.

With the help of your parents, you can get an Auto Loan through the Credit Union that helps build your credit as you make on-time monthly payments. This’ll help you in the future when you go to apply for another loan, credit card or even a mortgage.

Money Coach


We understand when talking about your money that it’s… well, personal. We get it.

We’re here to help and we always keep our conversations confidential.

Feel free to give us a call at 800.866.6474 to speak with someone or shoot us an email using this form.

1Teen accounts require a parent or guardian co-owner, and both adult and teen must visit an SCE FCU branch together to open the account. 2Overdraft Protection from Savings or other accounts. Checking accounts subject to ChexSystems.

Required to establish membership in the Credit Union. 4Subject to $15 early withdrawal fee after two free per year. 5Youth Super Saver account earns higher dividends.

Teen Credit Builder
6Must be 16 years old to apply.

Teen Visa Credit Card
APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Intro rate applied to first six billing cycles, after which balances are converted to a fixed rate of 12.50% and is subject to change. 8Must be 16 years old to apply and parent must meet credit qualifications. Cash Advance fee is 3% of amount ($10 min.). Foreign Transaction fee is 1%. Visa Disclosures.

Teen Auto Loan
9Estimated monthly payment per $1,000 on a 48-month term at 6.49% APR is $23.71 and subject to change. 10Must be 16 years old to apply and parent must meet credit qualifications. 11Auto Buying Services offered through our partnerships with CU at the Wheel, Enterprise Car Sales and Groove Car. 12Insurance Services offered through Member Advantage Insurance Services, a Credit Union owned company.