atm machine

Using an ATM is Easy

Not sure how to use an ATM? Most ATMs today provide easy-to-use onscreen menus. Simply insert your card into the ATM slot and you’ll be directed every step of the way. Although every ATM is different, here’s an example of a basic ATM transaction:

Insert card

Insert your card into the ATM

Enter PIN

Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Transaction type

Select your transaction (i.e. withdraw, deposit, transfer, check balance)


Enter the amount in dollars and cents, if applicable

Additional transactions

Select “Yes” or “No” when asked if you want to perform another transaction


Once the transaction is complete, wait for your receipt and your card

Save and review

Save your receipt and review your monthly account statement to verify the transaction

Making an ATM deposit? Place your money in a deposit envelope before you start your transaction (envelopes are usually located on the side of the ATM). Fill out the required information on the envelope including deposit amount and account number. When you select the “Deposit” transaction option, follow the onscreen prompts, which will direct you to insert the envelope into a special slot.