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Setting Up Remote Deposit

With SCE Credit Union Remote Deposit you can take one trip off your to-do list. Simply open the app and deposit your checks from wherever you are! https://youtu.be/GRj6lp4O4uA

Exclusive Cuts

A teenage traveling barber explains how he uses the 4 Ps of Marketing to build a successful business. https://youtu.be/GRj6lp4O4uA


Two girls made millions with... magnets. These two young entrepreneurs have become magnet millionaires, and were even featured on Shark Tank.
ATM insert card

Using an ATM is Easy

Not sure how to use an ATM? Most ATMs today provide easy-to-use onscreen menus. Simply insert your card into the ATM slot and you’ll be directed every step of the way.…
teen smiling student on the desk with books

10 Money Tips for Students

Be careful with credit cards – Only use credit cards to buy things you know you can pay back. Pay off your balances in full and on time Start a…
Young hispanic girl smiling happy standing at the city.

How Do Teens Establish Credit?

We get it, credit is complicated When you’re young, establishing credit can seem overwhelming. You probably understand having good credit is a necessity, but you’re not sure where to start.…
Lifestyle portrait of beautiful African-American woman excited,

Your First Checking Account

If you start making or receiving money, you’re probably worried about where to put it. Most financial professionals would advise you to open up a checking account. With so many…
Teenage boy with a credit card and mobile phone makes purchasing

Credit Cards & Teens… No Minor Issue

Up until the Credit CARD Act of 2009, credit cards weren’t just for adults. In fact, one-third of all American teenagers were cardholders. However, in 2009 the laws changed, preventing…