A mobile app, a debit card and a place to learn smart money skills – not to mention, making it easy for mom and pops to send you cash when you need it. *wink*

ATM insert card

Using an ATM is Easy

Not sure how to use an ATM? Most ATMs today provide easy-to-use onscreen menus. Simply insert your card into the ATM slot and you’ll be directed every step of the way.…
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10 Money Tips for Students

Be careful with credit cards – Only use credit cards to buy things you know you can pay back. Pay off your balances in full and on time Start a…
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Simple Ways to Save The Planet and Your Cash

Pop quiz! What do Planet Earth and your money have in common? Answer: They’re both important resources you need to save! The Earth provides essential elements for your survival such as water…
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How Do Teens Establish Credit?

We get it, credit is complicated When you’re young, establishing credit can seem overwhelming. You probably understand having good credit is a necessity, but you’re not sure where to start.…
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Your First Checking Account

If you start making or receiving money, you’re probably worried about where to put it. Most financial professionals would advise you to open up a checking account. With so many…
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Credit Cards & Teens… No Minor Issue

Up until the Credit CARD Act of 2009, credit cards weren’t just for adults. In fact, one-third of all American teenagers were cardholders. However, in 2009 the laws changed, preventing…